Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie Features: Customization Center, Project Roadrunner, Enhanced Google Now and more

The Android 4.2 will feature a number of advanced features like the Project Roadrunner and a better Google Now. Read more about rumored features inside.

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The Android 4.2 will feature a number of advanced features like the Project Roadrunner and a better Google Now. With the date drawing near for the next Nexus Smartphone and Android versions, there rumors which are flying thick and thin and reveal details of the OS and the device. It must be however remembered that these information must be taken with a pinch of salt since these reports have not been authenticated. The Android 4.2 is to be known as the ‘Key Lime Pie’.

120305 klp Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie Features: Customization Center, Project Roadrunner, Enhanced Google Now and more

AndroidandMe details the Android 4.2 features and it would include:

  • Android customization center
  • Project roadrunner
  • Improved Google Now
  • Refurbished stock video player
  • A new Play Store

Android customization center is a means to deal with manufacturer customization. Earlier the manufacturer customization was being effected by default system-wide integration which created a number of problems. Now with Android Customization will provide space where manufacturers will be able to provide extra features, themes, language packs, widgets, sounds and more. It will now be possible to change languages, themes, launchers, backgrounds and sounds. The user will also be able to change the appearance of the icons and also will feature post filters. In a nutshell you can completely change the user interface.

According to G. Reports, the Google Flagship Nexus is also going to undergo a transformation. According to a new concept, any manufacturer will be able to release a smartphone using the Nexus Banner on the basis of certain strict Google guidelines. The manufacturer will have to use the stock Android and will also get 64 MB of secure memory for media streaming. Additionally certain hardware requirements will also have to be fulfilled by the manufacturer to enable the devices to run on Android 5 which is scheduled to be released sometime in 2013.

The Project Roadrunner is much akin to Project Butter and UI smoothness and it is rumored that Google has augmented the battery life of devices on Android platform. This is really good news for Android phone users.

It is also rumored that Google will be introducing a better version of Google Now in the Android 4.2. Google Now will be able to any Phone FAQ’s like How to activate Bluetooth or download applications. An important aspect of the updated Google Play Store is said to feature personalized search, elective promotional campaigns with notification panel integration, extra billing options and easier in-app micro-transactions.

Other improvements include the Video player which will be getting a facelift and will feature new API’s and many video services to hook on to.

The Android 4.2 will be announced by the end of October. It is rumored that the Android 4.2 will be introduced in an event which will be co-hosted by Google and LG. It is also rumored that a new phone, in all probability a Nexus phone based on LG’s recently announced Optimus will also be launched.

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  • Tsais

    Thanks for the detailed roundup!

    The Customization Center is particularly interesting!

    Reading between the lines, it raises hopes of being able to undo some Vendor specific customizations, and possibly even more timely updates when new versions of Android are released.

    Seems like a smart move against fragmentation.

  • Niroj Manandhar

    Can’t wait for KLP,
    But will the devices that are able to run JellyBean able to taste Key Lime Pie?
    guess will have to wait some time.

  • Jorell

    All these Android builds make me really hungry. >.<

  • yeomandroid

    I heard Key Lime Pie will be optimized for quad core processors and improved battery life with Project Roadrunner. Leaving Apple iPhone 5 in the dust! I love it!

  • Rhys

    Good work reporting here-say. Not until the third sentence do you admit it’s just a rumor. Nice link baiting.

    • Nitin Agrawal

      Anything until confirmed by the company officials would be considered as rumors always. And it doesn’t means that all rumors are just fake.

  • Winwon3

    Key Lime Pie sounds delish! Can’t wait.

  • Thomas Mc

    What good is it, if Samsung still won’t upgrade Gingerbread devices THEY ARE STILL SELLING?

    • Nhan Lam

      well, do not buy something say it’s “upgrade-able”, the upgrade may be 2 years away. So what you get when you buy is what you will get, do not expect more than that.
      If you want a latest experience, buy Nexus devices.

    • draobtrad

      Nexus or bust

    • Bob Bigellow

      If you want an OS greater than Gingerbread, don’t buy a device that has Gingerbread. What’s the point of buying a device, and then immediately wanting it to be more than what you paid for?