Dell Latitude 10: Windows 8 Tablet and Ultrabook for the Corporates launched by Dell

Dell has launched new Windows 8 powered tablet and ultrabook specifically designed for corporate and business users. Dell is calling it Dell Latitude 10.

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The corporate world is in for a treat! They have a number of Dell Computing devices which are to be introduced specifically keeping the Business community in mind- Windows 8 Ultrabook along with a Desktop PC and Latitude Tablet.  This is the latest Windows 8 operated hardware for the corporate world from Dell.

These three newest products make up the Windows 8 offerings from Dell for the enterprise clients. And all the three Dell devices were revealed at the same launch. Yes, you heard it right! Are you eager to know about the products? Take a quick glimpse at the section below.

Dell ultrabook Dell Latitude 10: Windows 8 Tablet and Ultrabook for the Corporates launched by Dell

Dell Latitude 643U Windows 8 Ultrabook

The Latitude 643U Ultrabook was the first member of a series of laptops which naps been specifically designed for the corporate and business community. All the three devices were introduced together and let us have a quick look at the features of all the three entities.

The Latitude 643U Ultrabook is 14 inches and weighs a meager 3.7 pounds. If you compare it with the 14-inch Dell Latitude notebook introduced recently, the Latitude 643U Ultrabook is 16 % lighter and 33% slimmer. Couple this with the advantage of working with the Intel Core i3 the Latitude 643U Ultrabook has endeared to the business community like never before. The Latitude 643U Ultrabook has an 8GB RAM. The screen is also designed to give the most stunning display which any user can dream of. The screen of the Latitude 643U Ultrabook is anti glare enabled and has a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 which is sure to endear any user.

Dell Latitude 10 tablet Dell Latitude 10: Windows 8 Tablet and Ultrabook for the Corporates launched by Dell

The Latitude 643U Ultrabook has the option to add additional hardware devices which includes hard drive sensor which will avoid any data loss and the keyboards are also spill resistant. The 643u conforms to the highest levels of standardization and has even passed the US military test known as the MIL-STD-810G where PC systems has to endure some of the harshest conditions. The user can use the Ultrabook for a full 24 hours on a single charge of its battery. One of the features which make it ideal for corporate houses is the integrated encryption software and data protection which has been pioneered by Dell.

dell xps 12 duo convertible ultrabook windows 8 tablet ifa 2012 berlin Dell Latitude 10: Windows 8 Tablet and Ultrabook for the Corporates launched by Dell

Dell Latitude 10 Windows 8 Tablet Specs

Coming to the Latitude 10 Device which has been introduced by Dell is a Windows Tablet with a 10.1 inch display and an incredible 1366-by-768 resolution which gives the user real and life like pictures of optimum quality. The Latitude 10 Device runs on the Intel Atom system-on-a-chip processor and has dual back and front facing cameras. Additionally the tablet boasts of a RAM and flash storage capacity of 128 GB.

Dell is going to focus the tablet for government markets, healthcare and tutoring purposes and has included the feature of fingerprint reader and card reader. An additional dock will give the user the advantage of using his tablet with desktop mouse, keyboard and monitor. Since the Latitude 10 Device operates on the Windows 8 version and it is compatible with all the common software of Windows.

Dell Windows 8 AIO Desktop PC

The desktop PC from Dell bears the OptiPlex 9010 AIO touch screen which enables the user to get all the benefits of the touch capabilities of Windows 8 OS.  The versatile camera of this desktop will serve corporate world by rotating or fixed webcam together with an articulated stand with this PC.

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