iPad Air Review: Did Apple hit another home run?

iPad Air is out and it has caught our attention. The device is full of promise and it may just be a tablet that Apple has it nailed spot on!

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The iPad Air has some awesome specs with the Apple’s A7 chip along with a 64-bit processor and loads of power saving techniques so that the tab remains juiced up throughout the day. It is a lot easier to carry, being 43% thinner and 28% lighter. The design is sleek, smooth, and the speakers are nicer to look at. It has the same gorgeous design of the iPad mini but with all the extras that take it into the limelight.

iOS brings out a more sophisticated experience and Apple threw in a lot of useful free softwares.When it comes to speed, iPad Air is fast.It might be hard to discern just how fast compared to previous versions but once you get used to iPad Air’s reaction speed, you might just find iPad 3 a tad bit slow.ipad air iPad Air Review: Did Apple hit another home run?

The camera is a bit plain, the same old 5 mega-pixel iSight camera from previous versios of the iPad and even then, there are a few features lacking. The sound system within the iPad is awesome as usual, seeing Apple concentrates more on media than anything else and it has refined their audio quality so much that it’s worth what you’re paying for it.

Apple, surprisingly, is not charging an excessive premium, which also happens to be their trademark. The lowest range of the device is equally priced with the competitors and the higher the capacity, the greater the charge but not as much as previous releases.

With all that we have seen in iPad Air, it is clear that they have upped their game. Apple is fighting their way through all the competition they are getting from Android and it’s clear that iPad Air is one of the best devices they’ve made till now.

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