Microsoft Surface 2 May Be Huge Failure Like Its Predessor

The first Microsoft Surface was a flop in retail stores racking up a loss of $900M . Will the same fate come to the Microsoft Surface 2?

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Microsoft Surface 2 may be a huge flop like its predecessor the original Microsoft Surface.

The original Surface from Microsoft was a big flop in the retail market, leaving the company in $900 million loss. The first tablet of the company focused on offering a list of items that iPad did not, such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft offers a nice keyboard and some fascinating multitasking features too, but failed to compel users from buying it. However, most of the individuals did not observe it as the way that the company wanted to show.

In recent years, the sequel Microsoft Surface 2 has been available as the company launch this tablet for having a second chance. Microsoft has improved the screen, slimmed down the tablet, created a host of tweaks to the windows and doubled the battery life for addressing the primary frustrations and this all has been done for $449. It has also developed the companion Type Cover Keyboards for $150 and Touch Cover for $100. Now for this time, the company is assuring the most industrious tablet and one of the only devices you require in your pocket and bag.

surface 2 tablets Microsoft Surface 2 May Be Huge Failure Like Its Predessor

But is it? Perform those secures places the surface on a reliable footing in the crowded market of the tablets, or is the company seeking at another failed try for thwarting the competition? You can make such things clear by taking a look at its review:

A new screen and color

In spite of the some cosmetic modifications, the Surface 2 still appears as a Surface. With the presence of the new Surface logo available on the kickstand back everyone can inform that it is actually what it is. But it is not unavoidably a bad thing. As the original one, the VaporMg or the magnesium structure and the screen made up of the Gorilla Glass technology, offer it a tremendously solid foundation. These are the things that could notice by the users in order to distinguish between the new and old Surface but they will tell the difference only in that case when they stare at the screen.

Touch and Type Covers

It is not just a sort of tablet or the one device that is everything in one’s life. Every advertisement for this characterizes the Touch or Type keyboard covers with only such a tagline. Though, what the company has not revealed in those ads is that the cover is not contained and it may cost at least more than $100 for turning the tablet into a kind of tablet.

Windows 8.1 RT

Without some improvements in the software, the hardware improvement would be for nothing. Windows 8.1, latest update to Windows 8, comprises of the some much required usability advancements and at least includes easy on screen instructions to guide new users through features that includes putting 2 apps side by side.

The Surface 2 is a vastly advanced tablet. It acts what the Surface must have been like a light, thin and long lasting machine with a fine display screen. This device is a convincing option for those who are making investments in the Microsoft ecosystem. This device would a flop at the box office again, but it is even not strike sequel the company was expecting for.

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  • Charles

    Motorola losses 900 million not Microsoft. They are making money on Surface RT as well as the new Surface 2.

  • Charles

    No, noone lost $900 million except Motorola over the last 3 quarters. Microsoft is making money on Surface RT and Surface 2.