Cyber Monday Deals Surface RT, Pro, iPad Air, Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire HDX at Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon

Cyber Monday deals is the best place where you can find the best offers by just sitting at home. iPad Air, Microsoft Surface Pro, RT, Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire are some of the most famous tablets.

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Cyber Monday deals is the best place where you can find the best offers by just sitting at home. iPad Air, Microsoft Surface Pro, RT, Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire are some of the most famous tablets. To be in contact with the evolving technology, tablets are much in demand among the consumers. Cyber Monday provides convenience for the customer to seat at home and shop. So if you are someone that is looking for such online shopping with great deals and offers keeping your comfort in view then this place is best for you.

You can get a variety of options over here and choose the gadgets that suits you. You will find a variety of brands like iPad, Samsung tab, Nexus etc. with great discount offers.

Deal for iPad Air

As we all know that any product of Apple comes too costly. Though everyone desire to have an Apple product but it remains as a dream for many. But you need not worry now any more as Target is offering a $75 gift card for their customers who ever purchase any of their tablets. The cost of iPad air with Wi-Fi will be $ 479 with a Target gift card of $100. Even Walmart is offering the same deal and iPad 2 with 16 GB memory comes to a reduction of $100, offered by Best Buy.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Deals

Samsung’s mid-range tablet, Galaxy Tab 3 is a dashing device with fabulous specs. You can grab this 10.1 inch. Display tab having 16 GB memory for just $299 (saving $100) from various sites like Walmart, Best Buy, Target. Galaxy tab of 7 inch screen with 8 GB memory will cost $149.9 at Walmart. Office depot offers 10.1 inches. Tab (16GB) for $299.99, 8 inches. (16 GB) for $249, 7 inches. (8 GB) for $159.99.

Microsoft Surface RT Deals

Microsoft has recently revealed its surface tablets, Surface RT and Surface Pro. You may find the best deals for it at Best Buy and Walmart. The price for the original Surface RT has come down from $499 to $349. It has an inbuilt memory of 16 GB. And to the surprise, Walmart is also offering a multi-purpose cover for the tablet at an extra $50 if you buy it along with the tablet.

Microsoft Surface Pro Deals

In this you can save up to $100. Surface Pro of 64 GB which costs $899 can come for $799 at Best Buy and Walmart.

Surface Pro (128 GB) can come in $899 with a drop of $100 from the actual price ($999) at both Best Buy and Walmart.

Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Fire HD 7, 8.9

If you want to grab the best tablet deal, then buy Kindle Fire. Amazon Kindle Fire tablet series are available on huge $50 discount each. Offer on Kindle Fire lasts until stock ends which is surprising because it is a Amazon product.

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  • New Surface RT User

    The 1st generation Surface RT was selling for $199 (or $249 with a type cover) at many major retailers this past 2013 Black Friday weekend. It was a purge of unsold stock, but its hard to see it as a bargain back at $349. They were a tough sell even at the lowered $349 pricing – now that people know they were selling for almost half that cost, I can’t see people wanting to pay full price again.

    If you want a basic tablet and like the idea of being able to use Word and do some basic internet surfing its actually a great idea. Once I got it to do the Win 8.1 RT update (and got past the “update will take 2 days to complete” screen), its been running well enough, plays HD video from a Canon DSLR off my USB hard drive flawlessly. The screen and interface are quite good, if not iPad Retina snappy. The dearth of apps is disappointing, but for $249 its a good value proposition if your uses are limited. Its a tablet I could get for mom since it stands up and has a keyboard to type.

    Despite the low BF pricing, I checked at my local Best Buy/Futureshop, Staples and Walmart and they still have older Surface RT stock left. One sales person I spoke to said he didn’t expect to sell any at full price but there were a couple of open-box ones I could get 10% off. I suspect, as they have done in the past, they will drop back to $199/$249 in February as a last push to get rid of old stock.