Google Groups Says Goodbye to the Old, Adds New Inbox and More

An update to Google Groups was long overdue, and today a new version is available to all. Users can now enjoy better moderating options, an inbox, and more.

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Announced on the Official Enterprise Blog, a new Google Groups will be launching today to all users. Several new features have been added, everything from an inbox to a mobile site. In keeping things moving forward, Product Manager Ryan Falor revealed that Google will be retiring the old version.

With an inbox, users can more easily organize conversations, and keep in touch with team members. There is the ability to assign items to others that way you can better delegate tasks.

new google groups Google Groups Says Goodbye to the Old, Adds New Inbox and More

Moderating posts should come easier as options for Google Groups have become more streamlined. For those who are often saying the same thing over and over again, canned responses will help save time.

Here is how to set them up:

  • First, make sure you have permission from a group manager or owner to use canned responses.
  • Select “My Settings”, “My Global Settings”, and check the box next to “Use canned responses.”
  • From the group homepage, click “Manage” on the top-right.
  • Click “Permissions”, and then “Posting Permissions”. Make sure “Use Canned Responses” includes your group role whether it’s Member, Manager, or Owner.

A mobile version of Google Groups has been long overdue, and you can now view an optimized experience on your smartphone or tablet. This update helps calms users’ fears that the tech giant may be shutting Groups down. Google is clearly committed to keeping the service around, and as before, it’s still completely free to use.

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