iPhone 5S vs Galaxy Note 3 Specs, Price, Release Date Rumor Comparison

Both Apple and Samsung will release their next respective flagship smartphones, iPhone 5S and Galaxy Note 3, later in the month of September with iOS 7 and Android 4.3.3.

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Great news for the Smartphone lovers! According to some sources, Apple and Samsung are releasing their latest gadgets almost in the same month, i.e., in the month of September this year! It is the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook who announced that it will release the latest Smartphone of the iPhone series, the iPhone 5S about the end of this year. Samsung also is signaling the release of its latest tablet the Galaxy Note 3 in the month of September only. So, this release clash of the two giants’ top-notch products will be a remarkable event for the gadgets freaks of the world over, and at the same time, the brands too will be facing a cut-throat competition from each other.

This news of the two gadgets’ release in the same month has excited the fans of the brands a lot, and at the same time, everybody is curious too to know the exclusive features loaded in the respective gadgets. So, this definitely calls for a comparison between the iPhone 5S and the Galaxy Note 3, although still not much info is leaked and known.

iPhone 5S1 iPhone 5S vs Galaxy Note 3 Specs, Price, Release Date Rumor Comparison

External case and accessories compatibility

According to the leaked information, the iPhone 5S carry the biggest advantage of being widely compatible with cases and other accessories. In addition to finding many cases and accessories supporting the Apple device, the users will also be benefitted to find these at a comparatively lesser price which will not be possible with the Galaxy tablet. The Samsung case protectors are too expensive more often and also are rare to find a perfect match. It was seen in the case of the Galaxy Note 2 that by the time affordable and compatible cases reached the market, the time for its upgrade arrived.


For being successors of the previous models, it is quite obvious to find advanced features in both the gadgets. So, buyers can expect to find improvements and new features in both the iPhone 5S and the Galaxy Note 3. The Galaxy Note 3 will feature an improved screen quality which most probably will be a full HD screen. There will be changes in the S-Pen feature of the tablet as well. Some other features to be found in the tablet are 8 core processor with 3GB of RAM, a 13 MP camera with dual functionality and a metal carriage for the external body.

In contrast to the metal body of the Galaxy tablet, the iPhone 5S has more chances of carrying a plastic cover. The range of features integrated in the Apple device includes a dual core processor, an 8 megapixel camera and 4 inch screen display.

Samsung galaxy Note 31 iPhone 5S vs Galaxy Note 3 Specs, Price, Release Date Rumor Comparison

Galaxy Note 3 and iPhone 5S Price Comparison

Sources say that the Apple device will come for a cheaper price than the Galaxy Note 3. Although the prices of the devices cannot be accurately guessed, still speculations have signaled that the Galaxy tablet may price somewhere in the range of $600 or more. But as the iPhone 5S will be cheaper than the Galaxy, it is expected to lie below the range of $600.

In the absence of much information on the features of the Apple and the Samsung devices, only this much can be calculated at present that both the gadgets will carry improvements along. But the matter to consider at this point is which gadget will top the chart of features and which would be more tech-updated. According to the leaked news and the report so far, it is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that is featuring heavily and beats the iPhone 5S on some grounds. But yet again, the budget of the buyers too matters and if the affordability is considered then the Apple gadget wins the race.

Hence, the popularity and the compatibility of the two gadgets among the people would highly depend on the respective situations and demands of the buyers.


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    Why would there be an iPhone 5S? The ‘S’ in the iPhone 4S stood for Siri. The iPhone 5 already has Siri.