Microsoft uncovers Go-Live date for Xbox One Price at E3 2013 event

Microsoft has uncovered the Go-Live date and cost for its new gaming console device named “Xbox One” during the E3 conference. It will release in Nov 2013.

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Microsoft has uncovered the Go-Live date and cost for its new gaming console device named “Xbox One” during the Electronic Entertainment Expo event organized to happen during the period 11th June 2013 to 13th June 2013 at Los Angeles Convention Center. As per the announcement made by Microsoft the latest gaming console will be distributed to public by Nov 2013 with a suggested retail price of $499 for US customers, £429 for UK based consumers.

During the event Microsoft demonstrates all new Xbox One, and the re-engineered Xbox 360, and last but not the least, the newly developed games for these new gaming consoles. Previous to paying attention on the future, the Xbox vendor has ensured to pay focus to the current platform named as “Xbox 360”. Microsoft has announced that starting from 10th June 2013 it will start its distribution channel to sell out a completely re- engineered Xbox 360 gaming console, which makes use of few design features from the latest Xbox One. The newly re-engineered Xbox 360 is expected to function in silence than its forerunner.

xbox one11 Microsoft uncovers Go Live date for Xbox One Price at E3 2013 event

Sony, the competitor of Microsoft in the gaming sector is expected to release its PlayStation 4 by the end of this year; however the release date is not yet officially announced by Sony. Provided the case, while both Microsoft and Sony is planning to release their latest gaming consoles by November 2013, then this will be the first occasion when both the competitors have instigated at the same time.

During the E3 event, Microsoft has announced that it will release “hundreds” of games for Xbox 360 in the near future. Microsoft has also broadcasted its wise strategy by claiming that it would offer 2 free games on every month for the Gold service members of Xbox gaming console community. The Xbox provider has added that the new gaming console will support streaming to Twitch TV.

HALO, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Ryse: Son of Rome, Kinect Sports Rivals, Forza 5, Project Spark are the newly developed games for Xbox One gaming console which will make the gamers to be more engaged with the games and have all sort of fun by being at the comfort of their home. So all together we expect that the device will justify its cost.

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