Sony PlayStation 4 Price, Specs, PS4 Release Date – Everything you need to know!

Sony PlayStation 4 is now officially announed at E3 conference. Read more about PS 4 Price, Specs, features, release date, and game titles releasing this year.

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The latest move by Sony in the gaming world through a set of shocking revelations on the PlayStation 4 has left the gaming world shaken and more importantly, it has trembled its competitor Microsoft quite noticeably. Making visible and appealing modifications in the price, design and common sense; Sony has shown it to the world that when it comes to performing its best, it can toss the biggest of its rivals and can pull buyers like anything through its shocking new avatar.

sony ps4 Sony PlayStation 4 Price, Specs, PS4 Release Date   Everything you need to know!

It was just the first day of E3 2013, and Sony shocked its gamers by offering appealing deals on the hardcore gaming. The shocking new announcements made by the Japanese gaming company include the following:

PlayStation 4 Price

The price fixed for the PS4 is astonishing and worth dropping the jaws as the company will sell the gaming console on sale before the end of the year and the price would be a cost of £349 / $399 only . This is indeed a news that can pull the probable buyers of the Microsoft Xbox One which is priced at £429. So, when a gamer can afford the PS4 at a price almost $100 lesser than the Xbox, why would one not go for the Sony!

ps4 price Sony PlayStation 4 Price, Specs, PS4 Release Date   Everything you need to know!

Compatibility for used games

The Sony PlayStation4 is announced to be compatible with the used games. There will be no used game limitations and the gamers can play as many of their used games in the console as they have. Moreover, there will be no requirements of authentication for the online games as well. In fact, that is not all, hitting Microsoft on another weak point; Sony says that they are going region-free which was also a quality of the PS3. At a time, when the Microsoft has a limited service to offer with its Xbox One not compatible to play games from different territories, Sony is certainly winning this race.

PlayStation 4 Specs, Release Date & Availablity

Sony PlayStation 4 is packed with powerful specs like 8 core AMD Jaguar processor, 8GB GDDR5 RAM, 1.84 TFLOPS AMD next Radeon GPU, 500 GB HDD, USB 3.0, 6X Blu Ray drive, DualShock controller, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, and HDMI port. The Sony PlayStation 4 availability details were announced by at E3 2013 press conference yesterday. The new gaming console from Japanse electronics giant is expected to release in 2013 Holiday Season.

PlayStation 4 Design and Features

From the design pint of view as well, the Sony PS4 looks more attractive and sleeker than the Microsoft’s. The Sony console is sleek, smaller and more comfortable to hold than the hardware of Xbox. In fact, on compared both hardware together, the one of Microsoft looks bulkier and quite like a VCR! So, when it comes to giving preference to physical comfort while gaming, the gamers are more likely to be interested in the PS4 now.

ps4 games Sony PlayStation 4 Price, Specs, PS4 Release Date   Everything you need to know!

However, if the gaming features are discussed then Microsoft still is a tough competitor of the Sony and both have a wide range of gamers. But now with the PS4, a good deal of hardcore gamers too will be associated with the Sony. The gaming support enjoyed by the PS4 are plenty, and the Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton states that a huge range of more than 140 games are in development currently and 100 of them will launch in the first year of its existence. The remaining 40 games will be launched as PS4 exclusives, and this makes more and more attention directed towards the Japanese company’s moves and developments.

Some of the top games of the PS4 through which the gaming console have already paved a path straight to the hearts of its gamers are The Order: 1886, Drive Club, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack and InFamous: Second Son and some other games worth waiting for are the Shadow of the Colossus, Uncharted, LiitleBigPlanet and God Of War etc. Moreover, as the PS4 will be supporting the second-hand games and the indie developers, there will be just a huge list for the gamers to download indie games.

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