Foxconn unveils world’s First Firefox OS Tablet: Looks, Spces and features

World’s First Firefox OS tablet unveiled by Foxconn. An 8 to 10 tablet will come with smart looks, neat OS and brushed Aluminum back. Read on for more details.

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Computex 2013 at Taipei got the official honor of launching the first prototype Firefox tablet based on Firefox OS. The launch also saw the announcement of a new strategic alliance between Firefox and Foxconn where Foxconn will develop a range of devices based on Firefox OS including tablets. Both the companies have declined to comment on the name of the manufacturer for whom the devices are being developed.

firefox os tablet Foxconn unveils world’s First Firefox OS Tablet: Looks, Spces and features

CEO of Mozilla Taiwan, Dr. Li Gong said, “At Mozilla we see the open Web as the biggest and the best platform for the mobile world. The Firefox OS initiative helps solidify open Web standards for mobile computing; it also encourages and enables more openness in the system integration and device interoperation. This cooperation demonstrates the full potential of Firefox OS, the open Web mobile operating system, to enable not only the Smartphone but also a wide range of mobile devices. The (major) operating systems in the market now are not doing good enough… the Mozilla solution will complement what other operating systems lack, such as Android in native mode. There is currently no solution based on HTML5 and open Web technologies.”

Up until now five companies including Alcatel, TCL Communication Technology, LG Electronics, ZTE Corporation and Huawei Technologies have confirmed that they will be developing devices running on the Firefox OS. Sony is showing interest in developing Firefox based devices in the future while Samsung has ruled out any such possibility.

The specifications are not yet revealed for the tablets being a prototype, but it can be seen from some video hands on that the tablet will be an 8-10 inch tablet with brushed Aluminum finishing and all standard ports and speakers on the sides. The resolution does not look like top notch, but we cannot expect much from a newcomer. The Firefox OS looks neat and visually appealing on the tablet.

The Firefox OS is a browser based operating system with apps running on a browser foundation. It is based on HTML 5 and a host of other open web technologies because of which it is getting the support of developers and manufacturers alike. Some weeks ago Firefox phones went live and got purchased off the shelves very soon.

A detailed view of the Firefox OS can be seen in this video.

The complete specifications and other details will be revealed by the OEM who will release this tablet. Stay tuned for more information on the same and follow us on Google+, Facebook and Twitter to get more news on phones, tablets and gadgets.

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