Nintendo 3DS and Super Mario 3D Rule the Charts in Japan

Nintendo 3DS and Super Mario 3D has topped the sales charts in Japan, according to a sales report.

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Nintendo 3DS handheld has continued its reign at the top of the Japanese hardware chart whereas the Super Mario 3D Land, also from Nintendo, has managed to top the video game top ten on its first week of sale, according to the data provided by Japanese tracking firm Media Create.

Nintendo 3DS 2 Nintendo 3DS and Super Mario 3D Rule the Charts in Japan

The Nintendo 3DS has managed to sell 145,271 units during the last week of October, which is some powerful business when compared to the previous week’s sale of about 65,000 units, corroborating that a really important game release from Nintendo itself can boost hardware sales significantly.

In the hardware chart, second place went to the archrival PlayStation Portable from Sony, which had no equivalent big release and could only sell about 28,000 devices during the seven day period while, as a pattern in most recent weeks, the PlayStation 3 home console from Sony has taken the last position on the podium with sales of 26,966 units.

The Nintendo Wii continues to have stable but low sales, selling 11,725 devices to gamers, while the DSi LL, the version with the bigger screen, has managed to sell better than the Xbox 360 from Microsoft, the PlayStation 2 while the old DS Lite is still on store shelves and sold 33 devices.

Super Mario 3D Land was a huge hit in the Japanese market and sold 343,492 units in one week, easily beating Uncharted 3, from Sony and Naughty Dog, which also had a good performance, with 124,989 copies moved on its first week.

Third place was captured by Battlefield 3, the rest of the top ten is made up of: Final Fantasy Type-0 for the PSP, Kirby for the Wii, Winning Eleven 2012 for the PSP, Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3 for the 3DS, Battlefield 3 for the Xbox 360, Just Dance for the Wii and Go Vacation.

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