Amazon Acquires Yap, the Closest Thing to Siri

According to some media reports Amazon has already acquired Yap from a NY based company.Yap, in many ways, is like iPhone's Siri, a voice recognition feature.

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Amazon and Apple are pretty similar in many ways.  The concealment po0licies, the devotion towards the consumer, the minute focus on devices and digital media, and now Siri.

amazon logo black1 Amazon Acquires Yap, the Closest Thing to Siri

Amazon has not taken bother to reciprocate calls or e-mails seeking comment on the issue, but we have information that Charlotte, N.C. based Yap has been taken over by Amazon.

Reports of the said acquisition came out earlier today after a Charlotte-based blog, connected a couple loose ends. First, it tracked down an SEC filing that shows that as of Sept. 8, Yap was acquired by Yarmuth Dion. Then, it found out that Yarmouth Dion has the same mailing address as Amazon’s Seattle headquarters.

Media instantaneously jumped to the verdict that Amazon was interested in the company’s speech recognition technology so that it could compete with Siri, the voice-app found on Apple’s newest iPhone, iPhone 4S

And, from what we fathomed, that sounds about right.

Till recently, Yap’s servers were being used by Sprint and others to convert voicemails to text. It was found on a majority of Sprint’s Android handsets. Yap also had an iPhone app.

From Oct. 20, Yap voicemail was discontinued.

But the company, founded by brothers Igor and Victor Jablokov, started to move in a different direction. Four years ago the company had intentions to build a technology that would provide the users with voice recognition facility. The company, which raised about $10 million, presented at the TechCrunch40 event in 2007.

At the time, the idea was a little hypothetical one.

That was a time when wireless networks weren’t very fast, not many people owned smartphones and distribution was tough because of the lack of app stores. With many of those problems resolved, we heard the 50-employee company was beginning to return to its roots. And now, it works for Amazon.

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