MacBook Air 13″ Retina 2013 model Rumors: release date, specs, features expectations

In the third quarter of 2013, the new version of MacBook Air is about to be released, and in the summer the laptop production will go on.

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Taiwanese publication Economic Times reports that Apple Inc. is going to release a version of MacBook Air with retina display. In the third quarter of 2013, the new version of MacBook Air is about to be released, and in the summer the laptop production will go on. The 13-inch MacBook Air has an exterior “facelift” to show the retina display. The MacBook Pro can be sold at several hundred with the significant premium.

MacBook Air 13″ Retina Price

MacBook Air is expected to be released in the end of this year with efficient battery life and cost. The company would like to keep an attractive price $999 to promote the product. A retina display also consumes a lot of battery so it is enclosed by Air’s ultra-thin layer.

mba MacBook Air 13 Retina 2013 model Rumors: release date, specs, features expectations

The price of the retina Mac Pro is slashed to $200 for the base 13-inch.The pricing of Air’s is kept untouched. The obstacles faced by an Apple’s engineer are more surprising in Retina display. Additional LED and large battery is added in the retina iPad. The use of 3rd and 4th generation iPad is thicker and heavier than the primary model iPad 2.

Even though the display is pretty good, it is tough to handle due to thicker and stronger system. The MacBook Air is thinner than other standard MacBook Pros, since it has an optical drive and solid state drive. The premium of $300 is carried for 13-inch non-Retina MacBook Pro. It’s a customer level laptop so price of this product should remain in the same range. The 13 inch MBP is compact and comfortable. The Retina MBP is 21 percent heavier and 10 percent thicker than the MacBook Air.

The Retina Pro has an old optical drive and speedy solid state drive so the information is stored securely. Retina Pro is a very thinner version, and it has many good things like backlit keyboard, multitouch glass trackpad and unibody aluminum build.

Retina display in general offers very sharp clarity than a normal display screen in a laptop and other devices which does not have a retina display. The MacBook Air with Retina has high resolution content, 2.5 GHz Intel dual core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM, and integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000.

All these information about MacBook Air 13″ is just an assumption and it is interesting to hear but all are yet to be confirmed officially.

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