Microsoft Xbox 720 Specs and Release Date Rumors: New disc handling and Kinect-sensor 2.0 to be featured in Xbox 720

Documentation leaked to suggest that Xbox 720 will come up with New Disc Handling and Kinect sensor. The sensor will no longer be optional.

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A brand new leak about Microsoft’s next Xbox has hit the waves of web. This new leak about Xbox 720 (codenamed Durango) suggests that a new disc handling system will be part of it. This new system will prevent the sharing and resale of game discs.

According to documentation leaked to, in the Xbox 720, the players will have to install the new games on the hard drive of console. The installed games then will be launched from console’s hard-drive rather than of any disc.

So, according to the leaked documents, the discs will be meant for one-time use only. They will be no longer needed after installing the game on the console’s hard drive.

XBox720 Microsoft Xbox 720 Specs and Release Date Rumors: New disc handling and Kinect sensor 2.0 to be featured in Xbox 720

The leaked documents also suggest that Xbox 720 will always be turned on and connected to the internet. This feature will ensure the delivery of content in no time, whenever user demands it. Here’s what the leaked documents say:

“Durango will implement different power states so that it can always be powered on, but will draw minimal electricity when, not in use. The console will be ready instantly when users want to play, and will always maintain a network connection so that console software and games are always current. With this “Always On, Always Connected” design, users will quickly and easily enjoy their connected entertainment experiences, with no waiting for the console to restart or install updates.”

The leaked documents further suggest “high-fidelity” Kinect sensor will be shipped along with the console. This sensor will not be any optional accessory, but will be required for the console to work. the new Kinect sensor will boast better detection, and hence, will offer better quality of the picture.

Microsoft has not commented yet on this matter. The company is expected to unveil the Xbox 720 at E3 game conference in June.

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  • Calvin Garcia

    what happens if the harddrive crashes you lose everything and have to buy all your game’s agin and most people still dont have internet i see this failing i see ps4 for the win and wii u