The Games That Made the Original XBOX a Success

The Games That Made the Original XBOX a Success

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Let’s travel back in time. The end of 2001 is rapidly approaching and the onset of winter is imminent. Sony is still dominating the games console market with its next-generation machine, the PlayStation 2, leaving Sega’s Dreamcast trailing in its wake. With over eighteen months of strong sales behind it, the PlayStation 2 seemed unstoppable. However, the 21st of November that year saw the launch in North America of the Xbox console from Microsoft, a company usually more associated with the world of personal computers. Whilst not quite managing to usurp Sony as the dominant force in video gaming, Microsoft at least brought something new to the table with the original Xbox. Many of the games released for it are now considered classics of the genre. Here are some of the very best titles made available for the Xbox.

Halo 2 (2004)

Before the release of the Xbox console, the Halo series of games was only available for the PC. As Microsoft own the rights to the Halo franchise, subsequent titles in the series have remained exclusively on the Xbox 360 as far as games consoles are concerned. Halo 2 was a monster success and is still the best-selling Xbox game of all time.

halo 2

Project Gotham Racing (2001)

The success or failure of a new games console on the market can often depend on the quality of the launch titles available. The fact that Project Gotham Racing was exclusive to Xbox made it a very enticing prospect for buyers. Exclusivity was certainly a determining factor in the game’s success as it was the second best-selling of all the launch titles for the Xbox, thereby reassuring sceptical games store owners who were initially worried about how well they would sell original Xbox games.

project gotham

Halo: Combat Evolved (2001)

This was the title that every purchaser of a shiny new Xbox seemed to want in their collection. It certainly garnered most of the pre-release attention as Microsoft counted down to Xbox release day. Still regarded as one of the all-time great console games, Halo: Combat Evolved sold a healthy five million copies worldwide.

halo combat evolved

Fable (2004)

Fable differs greatly from the other titles on this list as it favoured role-playing elements over thumping action. Another game released exclusively for the Xbox platform (not including PC), Fable was highly praised by critics and popular with gamers, managing to sell three million copies worldwide.


Microsoft fans still look back with great fondness at many of the excellent titles that were made available for the original Xbox console. Although Sony ultimately won the battle with their PlayStation 2, fortunes would be reversed in the future when the Xbox 360 went head-to-head with the PlayStation 3.


Julian Hall is an experienced gamer who has owned almost every console ever released at one time or another but has a special fondness for Xbox. The continued popularity of this machine means that there is still a huge market for people to sell original Xbox games when they have completed them.


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