No more Samsung Windows 8 RT tablets for Germany, says report

Samsung is reportedly planning to stop selling its Windows RT tablets in Germany. Low demand is said to be reason in the report. Explore the complete report.

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The South Korean firm Samsung has already cleared that it is not interested in bringing its Windows 8 RT based tablet, the Windows RT ATIV Tab in Germany. Now the report is coming that Samsung is not interested in continuing the production of this tablet in Germany.

The report comes from two German tech sites- and The company is looking forward to taking this big step due to the poor sales of Windows RT ATIV Tab in Germany.

Samsung ATIV Tab No more Samsung Windows 8 RT tablets for Germany, says report

The sources tell that the Samsung is in talk with retailers of the country to know about the demand of their Windows 8 tablet. According to MobileGeeks, the talk is over now, and Samsung has made its mind stop the sales of its Windows 8 tablet. The site tells that Samsung executives have confirmed the exit at CeBit in Hanover.

Well, nothing can be said at this moment as there is not any official announcement in this aspect. But as the situations are going on, the report from the German tech sites is most likely to enter into the clouds of reality. And if this happens, it will be a big blow to Microsoft. It will dim the future of Windows 8 RT Tablets, which are already struggling to leave a remarkable mark.

Apart from Germany, the company will be stopping the production in some other European countries too. The reason is — as already stated- the poor sales graph, which is not any matter of surprise. The German tablets’ market is ruled by Google and Apple products.

Anyway, if you are one out of few fans of Samsung Windows RT ATIV Tab, and are planning to buy one, then be quick in your action. The tablet is available at at 605 euros. Grab it before the Samsung stops its sales in Germany, and you end with immense disappointment.

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