Samsung Galaxy S4 may feature the Flexible Display Youm showed off at CES 2013

Samsung showed its flexible screen display at CES 2013. Company has named it Youm.

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Samsung has showed off a new flexible display technology called Youm. Senior vice president of Samsung, Brian Berkeley swank a prototype of a phone with a flexible display screen named Youm during company’s keynote address at CES 2013.

This kind of display can be expected in the next generation flagship Galaxy smartphone from the Korean tech gaint. There are rumors already that Galaxy S4 will feature the flexible OLED display screens.

youm Samsung Galaxy S4 may feature the Flexible Display Youm showed off at CES 2013

Its been long since we have been hearing for bendable phones from Samsung. The flexible screen Youm displayed at CES used OLED display technology with super thin form factor and is designed especially to bring out better colors and contrast.

Talking about Youm Brian Berkleye says, “It won’t break even if it’s dropped. This new form-factor will really begin to change how people interact with their devices, opening up new lifestyle possibilities … allowing our partners to create a whole new ecosystem of devices.”

According to Samsung this technology will let their partners make bendable and foldable displays in future. However, the reporters at ‘The Verge’ posted a report that the prototype phone used to display the flexible screen Youm at CES was not really a phone. It was just a prototype touch capable digital picture frame without any camera, operating system, radio or any other features of a phone.

Samsung Youm was not the only flexible screen displayed at CES 2013; some other companies like Nokia and LG also demonstrated the flexible prototypes for tablets and Smartphones.

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