Microsoft Surface tablet pops up in U.K. retail store

Microsoft Surface Tablet marks in popular U.K. retail store John Lewis. Read more about it, in this article.

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Good news for U.K. residents that the Microsoft Surface RT is now available in John Lewis, the popular U.K. retail store. Microsoft sells its surface tablets through its own online store. Last week, the tablets hit the Best Buy and Staples. U.K. Residents were compelled to buy the surface tablet from Microsoft’s online store as they had no other choice. Windows RT is new, and it is quite obvious that everyone would like to test the Windows RT based surface tablet, before making the purchase. After all, it is matter hundred of dollars. As Microsoft Tablet is available in John Lewis, so U.K. residents can test it, and then can buy it after proper satisfaction.

Microsoft Surface tablet 300x175 Microsoft Surface tablet pops up in U.K. retail store

John Lewis is a popular U.K. retail store having more than 35 stores across the country. The surface tablets pops up in the store just a week before the Christmas. It is nothing less than a Christmas Gift both from John Lewis and Microsoft to Surface Tablet lovers in U.K. Though the online shopping from Microsoft Store was an earlier choice, and it still is, but the availability of Surface Tablet in a retail store will surely boost the tablet’s sales graph.

John Lewis lists the Microsoft Surface tablet 32GB edition for 479 pounds ($776) and 64GB version for 559 pounds ($905). This is the first time for Surface Tablet to mark In a non-U.S. retail store. This may be because Windows RT is new and still lacks the trust from users. This new attempt may make people buy the Surface Tablet. It would be interesting to see the results of Surface’s pops up in U.K. retail store.

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