Microsoft Surface Pro – Overview, Specification and Pricing of New Windows 8 Tablet

Microsoft has finally revealed price for their tablet powered with Windows 8 pro. With its specifications and features of Microsoft Surface Pro, is stated price justifiable? Read more to find out!

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With holiday season on the edge, Microsoft has announced price for their much awaited Microsoft Surface tablet running Windows 8 Pro. First version of Surface was mixed hit as it was running Windows RT and was powered by Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core line of processors. Sticking to their promises of making second version faster and stronger, Microsoft has integrated Intel Core i5 processor in it. With almost all other exterior features looking similar to its predecessor, Microsoft Surface Pro has been priced at $899 for 64 GB and $999 for 128 GB. Let us check out if its features justify the price tag.

Surface Pro Microsoft Surface Pro   Overview, Specification and Pricing of New Windows 8 Tablet

Technical Specifications of Microsoft Surface Pro

    • Processor: Intel Core i5
    • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8 Pro
    • RAM: 4 GB
    • Internal Storage: 64 GB and 128 GB
    • Connectivity: 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0
    • Display: 10.6 inch (1920 x 1080)
    • Dimension: 6.8 x 10.8 x 0.53 inches

Overview of Microsoft Surface Pro

After launch of Microsoft ‘s new operating system, tablet manufacturers opted for Intel Atom processor to support their Windows 8 powered tablets. At the time of announcement, Microsoft assured that users will be able to use new Surface tablet as their PCs offering similar performance and simplicity. With integration of Intel’s Ivy Bridge core i5 processor in new Surface, they have lived up to their promise. A kin look at specifications will help you realize that it matches with most of ultrabooks in the market. Intel’s i5 processor is supported with 4 GB RAM and minimum storage of 64 GB. An alternative of 128 GB is expected to be available once tablet becomes available to masses in month of January.

Talking of the display, it is an 10.6 inch HD LCD display. When most of manufacturers are opting for brighter LEDs, Microsoft’s this move sounds a bit skeptical. It boasts resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel with ppi ratio of approx 208. Predecessor Surface with Windows RT boasted 10.6 inch display of resolution 1366 x 768. So, we can expect new Surface to offer brighter and more vivid colors.

microsoft surface pro side 2 e Microsoft Surface Pro   Overview, Specification and Pricing of New Windows 8 Tablet

Talking about operating system, as name suggests, new Surface runs on Windows 8 Professional. This new OS is backward compatible and thus applications and games running on Windows RT version of tablet can be run on new one, too. And accordingly, most of Windows 8 application will be available for this one giving users lot of choices to select from. Microsoft Surface Pro is Wi-Fi compatible and supports Fourth version of Bluetooth so that you can share photos and videos with your friends. If you think, 64 GB is not enough storage for your data, a microSD slot can be used for further extension of storage. A USB 3.0 port and video output is also provided on tablet.

Being extremely attractive in terms of its specifications, Surface Pro fails to impress you when it comes to battery life. Due to upgrade of processor over previous version, sources have confirmed that 42 Wh battery of Surface Pro can offer battery life of four to five hours, which is disappointing considering use of tablets these days. Apart from this issue, Microsoft Surface Pro appears to be satisfactory package.

Pricing and Availability of Microsoft Surface Pro

As stated earlier, Microsoft Surface Pro will be available in January next year. Its 64 GB version will be available for the price of $899 and 128 GB version will be available for $999. Considering Android tablets and Apple iPad in market, Surface is overpriced but you get power of Windows 8 Pro to carry  out your work and enjoy your games. You can attach external keyboard to Surface and use it as an ultrabook. However, you have to spend extra $120 for these keyboards.

Do you think Microsoft Surface Pro will be a hit in the market? Let us know in comments below and keep checking our websites to know as soon as Microsoft declares pre-ordering!

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  • SteveF

    I want just one computer to be my full functioning legacy desktop, to travel with and to read books with. Ipads won’t let one use usb3 devices so that is out. The arm android and surface rt units won’t output 1080p hd to monitors so those are out. So the only thing left is core 3,5,7 1080p units. So that takes it down to Surface Pro, Transformer book, a Samsung and a Sony. I’ll be looking at the Pro and the Book next year. One does not need a dock with a multiple usb hub and wireless printer, and one does not need a $130 keyboard with a $20 usb or bluetooth keyboard and a trackball. I just come into the house, plug in the usb, display and power, sit back and look on my 50″ tv from my coach and use my lighted bluetooth keyboard and wireless trackball and I’m all set.

  • tonytwotone

    I hate reviews like this. I hope they realize this is an ultrabook with a tablet form factor. Including the cost of the keyboard, the price matches the new Macbook Air. The Air doesn’t have a touchscreen, but the keyboard is inherently included. The Surface Pro doesn’t included an attached keyboard, but is touchscreen enabled. See?

    • Lamberto Certeza

      I agree with you Tony, This product shouldn’t be in the same class as tablets, but with laptops. Even people putting this product in a tablet class, this would be the top of the food chain despite the price.

  • Sparapani

    The new Surface Pro will be a big hit, as soon as the new
    Haswell Z87 chip set comes out in 2013.
    It will use less power 14nm ,and be much faster. Check out Intel Haswell chip
    sets. Theirs is a winner here at any price, of course that’s my opinion, I believe
    quality always sells.

  • Peifdragon

    The tablet sounds good, but realy over prices. With the cost of the tablet then haven to buy the keyboard as well. I think it will sell but if it lowered just a lil and included the keyboard their sells would be off the chart.